The company operates as an integrated system.

The company is above all an integrated system that the person in charge wants to make efficient and autonomous in its operation. To reach this goal, each component must do its job. The three main elements of the system are:


  • Information
  • People
  • Structure

Information, consisting of reports and observations, impressions or feelings, sustains managers. 

People are the company’s driving force. They handle the information and convert it into decisions.  The number of individuals acting as a driving force varies according to the type of management (participative or not) adopted by the management. 

Structure denotes the exchange mechanism that exists within the company; it refers to the way the company is organized. If synergy is weak, most decisions will not be achieved, at the same time demoralizing the people involved in the decisions. 

To succeed in freeing themselves, directors must enable the company to be fed with high-quality information, properly train people to make decisions and provide the company with a structure of teams eager to work as a coherent whole.

Click here for an illustration of the system.

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