The construction of companies or departments requires a considerable investment of ideas and actions. Given the strengthening of competition and the opening up of markets, your company must constantly strive to be innovative. To do this, your company can decide to use the ideas and actions of a minority of individuals at the risk of seeing the source dry up, or show a willingness to embrace the imagination of the greatest possible number of your employees, as well as your suppliers and clients. If you choose the second option, you are ensuring your company a longer life, filled with positive surprises.

Here are some results for people using the Self-Management SystemTM in their companies, departments or teams:

For A Director:

A company that stands out by its innovations created through its style of management, making it the most operationally efficient in its sector;

A rapid rise in the efficiency level of a company, a group of companies or a sector, to avoid possible closure;

Remote management of several teams;

Preservation of your health and the quality of your personal life;

Increased profitability and greater stability;

The chance to take advantage of business opportunities like never before;

The fact that you can count on an alarm system when things aren’t going so well.

For Managers:

They can count on a good replacement at all times;

Decisions are made in spite of their absence; 

Free time can be used to add value to existing projects.

For Employees: 

They feel less left out of decisions that concern them; 

They participate in company projects; 

Communication is easy because it is standardized; 

They understand the decision-making processes and put them into practice; 

They concentrate on the right priorities; 

They are proud to be a part of their company or department.

For Clients:

 They feel that they are paid more attention; 

They feel that your company is under control.

For Shareholders: 

Increased share value and additional security because they see that a solid team is running the company.

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