Take a step back!
“By taking a step back, I succeeded in sorting out what was troubling me in my organization.”
“I saw that we needed to change our whole way of doing business if we didn’t want to disappear.”
“I was able to recover my health.”

Launch New Projects Professionally
“With my availability I was able to play a key role in the company’s most recent purchase.”
“In the last year, I set up a new network of companies in a market that we weren’t familiar with.”

Launch New Projects Personally
“I managed to spend time with my children and even help them with their projects.”
“I was able to set up my thoroughbred horse breeding farm that I have been dreaming about for 15 years.”
“My own relationship has improved so much.”

Whether it’s a question of responding to your personal or your professional needs, the reasons that prompt you to regain your freedom will no doubt have direct and positive effects on your style of management and the results that you get out of it.  In order for your subordinate employees to assume more responsibility, you need to create a gap.  The employees will see to it that this gap is filled by becoming more involved.

Moreover, the fact that you are managing your team from an external rather than internal position will make you more demanding and will save you from conflicts of interest associated with the management of a team of which you yourself are a part.


How can you benefit from regaining your freedom and asking your managers to free themselves to launch new projects?  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

What would be the company’s efficiency level if you had the time to improve that which needs to be improved?

Once these improvements are complete, what would you do if you had 2 to 3 days per week free for innovative projects?

If you had been able to complete some of these projects in the last year, what would have been the positive results for the company and for you?

Can you apply a financial value to these changes? 

If you have already achieved a certain level of freedom within your company, can the same be said for your subordinate employees? 

If your subordinate employees were free to launch new projects, would you have projects for them? 

What results could you hope for in 1 year?

As you can see, the results of having more freedom lie both in the improvement of existing projects, and in all the innovative projects that you have not had time to create.

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