Software Package

A secure web platform (https) for the preparation of meetings through the use of standardized forms. Passwords enabling access to required areas only. The possibility of personalizing your work environment (creating new files, forms…) and of importing Word, Excel, pdf documents, etc. A search engine making it easy to find points discussed during meetings held weeks or even years ago. An email service to inform people of the creation or alteration of documents.

A database enabling a thorough follow-up of decisions taken during weekly meetings. You could call it a decision-making memory for the company. This database allows decisions to be followed up and monitored from a distance (Have they been carried out? Deferred? How many are there? Who is making them? and much more).

An online training environment enabling distance learning and coaching.


Private and Group Coaching

A group of Self-Management coaches, carefully selected for their personality and experience, visit the client every week over a quarterly period, for 2 to 3 hours per week to ensure a successful integration. If distance prevents the travel, the coaching is carried out over the telephone from documents exchanged by e-mail or fax.

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