Option A.

Subscription fees (which vary according to the number of users) for the Umanagement tool and initial set-up costs can be paid in full over a period of 36 months in the form of a lease agreement with one of our recognized accredited lenders. In this way you will absorb the cost of the transformation over several financial years.

Option B.

The total bill for the set up and one year’s subscriptions can be divided into 10 equal monthly payments, at no extra cost.

Clients do not have to pay out huge sums for the purchase of software or equipment. A regular Internet connection is enough. They pay for use, which can change with time.

The Self-Management System is available to users at various annual rates depending on the position held: (1) CEO, vice-president, director; (2) junior executive; (3) associate.

Benefits in the form of various results rapidly enable the Self-Management System tools to pay for themselves, even for a very small company.

A basic training program is available for participants who will act as examples and trainers. It includes 10 hours of online training spread over 4 ninety-minute theory sessions and 3 group follow-ups. The training is spread over 5 weeks, but technical support is provided throughout the year. Only 4-5 people are needed to start up a new training group.

Classroom training, available for groups of 15-20 people, also consists of 10 hours of training including online follow-ups.

Additional hours of support, consultation or training are also available in return for a pre-determined hourly payment, provided for in the initial budget.

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