Loosen Your Grip
Since I gave the employees the opportunity to decide on issues that concern them instead of being the only person responsible for their fate, I feel much better!
“I saw that we needed to change our whole way of doing business if we didn’t want to disappear.”
“I was able to recover my health.”

Rely on a Structure of Teams
“Rather than counting on just a few individuals to delegate my responsibilities, I make sure that decisions are taken as a team. At the same time, I have a more pleasant work environment and there is always a replacement for all key jobs, whatever happens!”
“I have realised that the total years of experience of the members of a group is almost always greater than that of the person managing it.”
“When you apply the team structure to the family, the results are surprising!”

Adopt a Standardized Company Operating System for All Managers
“My fear in the decentralisation of decision-making was of losing control and seeing the costs rise. With our disciplined management, the opposite has happened.”
“Since our management rules have been clearly explained, employees invited to the decision-making table have proved their worth. Some people that we did not believe capable, now hold key jobs.”
“We have learnt that tomorrow’s results come from today’s decisions. We do not compromise on our decision-making processes.  This is a rule that is followed throughout the company and it is now a part of our culture.”
“Several people have said to me that they have learned a lot since they have been working for us, both personally and professionally. I am proud of that.”

You need to teach decision-making in order for responsibility to be transferred.

He who makes the decisions is in charge. Petit Robert

More than delegation, the transfer of decision-making requires skills that are undeveloped in many employees. It is more natural for them to turn to a superior when a decision needs to be taken, to avoid errors and blame.

The Self-Management tools are intuitive support for decision-making, put at managers’ disposal in order to improve their own performance and teach subordinate employees to assume more responsibility.

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